The mobile unit has arrived!!!!

The Glass Spot will set-up a temporary hot shop at your special event: community gatherings, corporate retreats, birthday parties and more...

Live Glassblowing Demonstrations (observe) 

Be amazed.. watch the process of a bowl, vase, or similar vessel being made from start to finish. A brief history and general info talk is included with the demo, questions welcome throughout.

General Rates:
$300 Deposit (non-refundable, due in full in advance to book)
$650 Pop-up Studio* ( included: 2 - 4 hrs of live demonstrations**)

Energy Fees:

$150 Oven and Furnace (keeping demonstrated items)


$100 Furnace only (not keeping demonstrations)


$0 if Client provides propane/electricity

Additional Time Fees: $100 ​for 1 additional hour of live demos (5 hrs total)


*The furnace takes 3.5 to 4 hours to melt the glass and come up to 2000 F (working temperature)

**Keeping Demonstrations: To keep the demonstrated pieces requires the use of an annealing or cooling oven

For inquiries and reservation requests email us:

The Glass Spot - 2306 N. Lombardy St. Suite A, RVA 23220