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The Glass Spot will set-up a temporary hot shop at your special event: community gatherings, corporate retreats, birthday parties and more...

Live Glass Blowing Demonstrations (observe) 

Watch the process of a bowl, vase, or similar vessel being made from start to finish. A brief history and general info talk is included with the demo, questions welcome throughout.

Make Your Own (Workshops) 

Experience glass with the help of professional glass workers, several styles and colors to select from. Detailed instructions given, no experience necessary, all tools and materials provided, each participant gets a disposable mouth piece. Age recommendations vary by item as does level of participation. Demonstration at the start of the session. All Participants will sign a workshop waiver (parental consent for under 18).

General Rates:
$300 Deposit* (non-refundable, due in full in advance to book)

$450 Pop-up Studio + workshop fee per item made [$280 minimum / deposit + workshop fee paid in full in advance required to book]

$650 Pop-up Studio w/ Demo (included: 2 - 4 hrs of live demonstrations)

*Special rates available for non-profit / charity fundraisers  

Energy Fees:

$150 Oven and Furnace (keeping demonstrated items)  

$100 Furnace only (not keeping demonstrations) 

$0 if Client provides propane/ electricity (240 hook-up)

Additional Fees

Extra Demo Time $100 for 1 additional hour of live demos (5 hrs total)

Workshop experience, per item, price varies per workshop ($25 - $45 per item)


Please note:

The furnace takes 3.5 to 4 hours to melt the glass and come up to 2000 F (working temperature).
Items made to keep require the use of an annealing or cooling oven, available for pick up after cooling, extra free to ship, bulk shipping rates available if multiples to same address.

For inquiries and reservation requests email us:

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