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Workshops [Public + Private Sessions]

Blown: Ornament, Pumpkin, Apple/Pear, Egg, Drinking Glass, Mini Vase

Solid Sculpting: Paperweights, Heart, Flower

$50 ea Mini Vase

$45 ea Drinking Glass, Paperweight, Heart 

$40 ea Pumpkin, Flower

$35 ea Apple, Pear, Egg, Ornament

Private Workshop minimum is making 8, does not have to be 8 people.

Max depends on the item selected. 

Mini Vase: Min/Max 8 

Paperweights, Drinking Glasses, Hearts: Min 8,  opt 9, Max 10 

Pumpkins, Flowers, Apple/Pear, Eggs: Min 8, opt 9-11, Max 12 

Ornaments: Min 8, opt 9-15, Max 16

Special Blown Mix (Apple/Pear, Eggs, or Ornaments): Min 8, opt 9, Max 10

All Ages: ornament, egg, apple/pear, pumpkin

Ages 13+ Recommendation: hearts, flowers, paperweights,

drinking glasses, mini vases

Private Demonstration [*20 attendees max]

Watch a  vessel being made start to finish.

Brief history + general info is included with the demo, questions welcome.

Mobile Unit / Off Site Pop-up studio: More Details


Rentals [Professional Artists Only - email to schedule]

2 hr minimum to rent the hot shop facility

• 16" or 20" glory hole:

$50/hr Regular Rate or Frequent Renter Rate: $45/hr (6+ hrs per week)

• Cold Shop = $10/hr 

Commissions ($200 minimum order]

Owner / Artist Chris Skibbe takes commissions on a case by case basis.

Contact us via email w/ inquiries or for a quote,

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